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The Manscript online workshop

Jules-2 The Manscript online workshopOne day, I woke to find my husband of 25 years was having an affair. From that moment on, my world and our relationship changed forever. With overwhelming emotional pain and heartache, I wondered how I would get through the days. How was I going to survive the loss of my partner and ever be happy again? Every day seemed like a battle."

If my story resonates with you, then these workshops were devised with you in mind.

We have been where you are, and we know how it feels.  We want to help you recover from betrayal, with the help of our experience and professional knowledge.

The workshops take you through the process of recovery from start to finish.  The workshops are broken up into specific and focussed areas such as how to deal with rejection and loss, finding your new identity and embracing it, forgiveness, and how to move on and most importantly, how to heal the hurt.

Step by step - stage by stage - each video addresses the complicated feelings and concerns you may have, as you work your way through to recovery.

Jules and Jacqui are here to help you see that there is life after an affair.


Click here for a free copy of the introductory workshop.

£ 39.99


  • “Julia literally helped to turn my life around. I blossomed over time from a crying, tired, utterly directionless mess to a better version of me. I returned to university, got a degree, and now enjoy a more genuine life, free from the tangled agony of my past. Julia has a natural ability to get to the heart of a matter, understand what's happening, know how to put forward possible solutions and then then be the support behind you.”

    Pippa, Berkshire
  • “Julia helped me deal with a very challenging relationship I had with my son and issues I had around my own childhood. I was also going through a difficult time with my partner and Julia really helped me identify, understand and then move forward with these relationships in a really manageable and healthy way. I found her so easy to talk to and open up to and that she really did get me and what I was trying to get across.
    Her help was invaluable and I’m forever grateful.”

    Sue, Berkshire
  • “I can’t thank you both enough for all the support you gave to me when I was facing one of the worst times of my life. I felt so alone until I met you both. You told me the magic would come back into my life, but I had to make my own magic and not rely on other people to do it for me. I am so happy now and the magic and spark really has come back. Now I know I matter!”

    Patricia, Bristol
  • “I can’t tell you how much of what you say resonated with me. I didn’t think anyone could even begin to understand the pain and loneliness I felt until I met you both. Plucking up the courage to contact you was the first step I made to a new me. Thank you so much.”

    Dianne, Harrogate UK
  • “There is something really magical about Julia and Jacqui’s friendship. They literally bring sparkle and light to every room they enter. I am so pleased that they now have a great website, which I know will be full of magic too”

    Karen, Devon UK
  • “Jacqui and Julia, just get it, they made me feel a million times better and even made me laugh again, something I had forgotten how to do.”

    Annie, London

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