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Learn To Trust Your Gut Instinct

Have you ever had a gut feeling which you ignored, but later wished you had acted on?  Well, whilst we were writing the MANScript we discovered for ourselves that gut feeling, or gut instinct is something none of us should disregard! 

Gut instinct is a basic human impulse, developed by our ancestors as a consequence of their need for survival and humans have relied on it since the cave dwellers. If we didn’t need it any longer, we would have lost the capacity to use it as we evolved.  Gut instinct remains as strong as ever in most of us, even though many us frequently ignore what it is trying to tell us. 

So, what do you do with your gut feeling?  Well, first and foremost, you must acknowledge it and take on board what that feeling is telling you.  If your instinct is telling you something is different in your partner’s behaviour, then the suspicion it evokes may well need further investigation.

As an example, recently when in conversation with a girlfriend, she mentioned that her husband had started walking their tiny Yorkshire terrier three times a day.  She thought it strange because he hadn’t walked the dog for years, but by then it had been going on for quite a few months.  Alongside that, there was also a sudden desire to wax his chest and to wear skinny jeans!  The sickening feeling in her stomach would not go away; her gut instinct had been telling her for weeks that something was going on. 

A few days later she called.  While her husband had been in the shower, she summoned up the courage to look at his mobile ‘phone.  There, in text form, was the proof that her gut instinct had been right along; her husband was having an affair.  Since then, she has been asking herself over and over again, “Why didn’t I act on my gut instinct earlier?” 

My friend is not alone in not wanting to believe her gut instinct; because she knew that if she acted on it and her worst fears were realised, her life would change forever.  Some women prefer to ignore what is staring them in the face because they would rather keep the status quo than have their lives uprooted to a point they couldn’t cope.

As individuals, we are all different and some of us can accept certain things that others can’t. 

If anyone is in doubt what a gut feeling can lead to, here are some of the things that you may sense or experience-

  • Butterflies in your stomach
  • Your heart racing
  • Feeling anxious and nervous
  • Increase in your breathing rate
  • And probably most of all, your thoughts go into overdrive.

If you are reading this, then the likelihood is that like most people in relationships, your heart rules your head?  When you fall for someone, it is usually your heart that has the deciding vote, not your head and probably not any negative gut instinct!

Your gut instinct, or as some call it, intuition, is deep within you and is a part of your unconscious being.  It is formed from your past life experiences and knowledge.  It is a sixth sense which has no scientific basis, but it exists, it is there, it is for real, even if you can’t put your finger on precisely what it is, so take note of what it is telling you! 

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